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Thank you BonBon (and MoMo) for being with me in the last 10 years.  I have experienced lots of ups and downs and they were by my side.  BonBon was always the gentle and disciplined one.  At least when something happened, MoMo was the one who ran away and BonBon seemed to be innocent.  She melted people's hearts by looking at them with her big round eyes and scratching them with her little paws for more petting.  Emily said her mom, Celia and Victor were never dog-people but when BonBon came to their lives, she completely changed them.  My mother-in-law just loved to pet BonBon and waited for her to pet her back for more petting.  I thank them for giving BonBon more love (and petting) in her life. 

In the last five months of her life, she couldn’t be happier; we made food for her every week and she had all the attention she ever wanted; spoiled by Victor but did not experience any pain.  She lived her life to the fullest.  We had a party last night and all the guests enjoyed her companionship.  She was surrounded by people who loved her and bid farewell to her till the last minute of her life. 

Goodbye BonBon and thanks again for bringing love and joy to our lives.   We will miss you alot!

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